Student Refugee Program

Responding to Refugees’ Resettlement and Education Needs: WUSC’s Student Refugee Program

Learn about the global context of refugee resettlement and education and how the Student Refugee Program fits into global efforts towards durable solutions for refugees. 

SRP 101 - WLTS - EN

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WUSC's 5 Pillars of SRP Support 

Providing quality integration support to SRP students involves supporting them along 5 "pillars" or categories: academic, social, financial, health & wellbeing, and self-reliance. Learn more about what support is included in these pillars and how they fit into the broader vision of WUSC's SRP.

5 Pillars of SRP sponsorship slides - GoogleSite

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Preparing for SRP student arrivals

This recorded webinar provides key information to support Local Committee members in preparing for SRP student arrivals. It includes information on the next steps for Local Committees and SRP students. 

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SRP support and sponsorship: Problem solving

Learn how to navigate issues that may arise when providing support to SRP students from discussions that took place during an interactive live training session hosted by SRP alumni. Find the slides on top and a document containing scenario solutions below. 

SRP support and sponsorship_ Problem solving_Live session May 2022_EN

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SRP support and sponsorship_ Problem solving Scenario Solutions_EN.pdf

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