Peace by Piece Chocolate Bars

WUSC is proud to partner with Peace by Chocolate to create our very own chocolate bar to raise awareness and funds for the Student Refugee Program. 

When someone buys one of these bars, they support both the SRP and a thriving refugee-led business! 

Local Committees also receive a special discounted rate to purchase bars for their campus fundraisers and events.

Who is Peace by Chocolate?

Chocolate-making has been a Hadhad family tradition since 1986 when Essam Hadhad opened a factory in Damascus, Syria. For nearly 30 years, the family created and shipped their specialty treats all over the Middle East and Europe.

In late 2012,  the original chocolate factory was destroyed in a bombing that forced the family to leave everything behind and flee to Lebanon. 

For three years, they lived as refugees facing uncertainty about their safety and their future, until they were resettled to Antigonish, Nova Scotia in 2016. 

With the support of their new community, the Hadhad family have rebuilt their chocolate company and are once again shipping their treats worldwide! Giving back to communities across Canada is a big part of the family’s mission.

Supporting refugee-led businesses

The Hadhad family business is just one example of many refugee-led businesses that can be found across Canada. 

Research shows that refugees in Canada have a higher than average entrepreneurial spirit, with 14.4% of them being self-employed or business owners. Many develop a strong sense of community, both with their new neighbours and with other newcomers to Canada. 

A perfect example, the Hadhad family has committed to hire 50 refugees by 2022 at Peace by Chocolate facilities, as well as provide mentorship to 10 refugee startups within Canada. The Hadhads also donated profits from chocolate sales to the Red Cross in 2016 to support survivors of the Fort McMurray wildfires, sharing that they knew how it felt to flee home and lose everything. 

Peace by Chocolate in the Media

Interview with Tareq Hadhad

Watch Tareq Hadhad's (CEO, Peace by Chocolate) in-studio interview with CBC News on his experience as a newcomer entrepreneur in Canada and feelings of welcome.

Peace by Chocolate at the UN

Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tell the Peace By Chocolate story at the United Nations Leaders Summit on Refugees. (Read the full story from CBC Nova Scotia)

Google Feature

A short feature on the Hadhad family's journey.

Peace by Chocolate, WUSC & Refugee Education

How the Chocolate Bars Support Refugee Youth Education

WUSC has two types of chocolate bars in our partnership with Peace by Chocolate: milk chocolate, and dark chocolate with blueberries.

These chocolate bars are available for sale to the public in Peace by Chocolate retail locations in Nova Scotia and in their online retail and wholesale shops. Anytime a bar is purchased, $1 goes back to WUSC to support the Student Refugee Program.

In addition to this, your Local Committee can purchase a case of chocolate bars on the wholesale site to use as a fundraiser.  

A 24 case of 92 gram bars costs $90. The wholesale cost per bar is $3.75. You can determine the markup you will add to the wholesale cost. For instance, if you sell each bar for $5, making a $1.25 profit, you will make a $30 profit for selling the whole case. The profit you make will contribute to your Local Committee’s fundraising goals.

Contact us about your Local Committee can access the Catalyst Fund to purchase your case of chocolate bars!

How to order the WUSC Peace by Piece bars

You can order a box of chocolate bars for your Local Committee on the Peace by Chocolate wholesale online shop. You will need to enter the password, which is only to be used by members of the WUSC network like you!

You can choose to buy a box of either flavour, and whether you would like the packaging to be primarily in English (with the brand name “Peace by Piece”) or in French (with the brand name “Bharmonie”).

In case of any issues with your order, please contact

How to use these bars for Public Engagement

Communicate Key Messages

Proceeds from Peace by Piece chocolate bars support refugee youth education.

Only 5% of the world’s refugees enroll in higher education. Every time you buy a WUSC Peace by Piece chocolate bar, you are supporting a young refugee to start a new life in Canada and pursue their education at your university/college/CEGEP.

Students sponsored through the SRP arrive in Canada as permanent residents.  As newcomers to Canada, they have access to the same services, supports and resources Canadian students have. This status enables them to arrive in Canada and begin their pathway to Canadian citizenship.

Participation in higher education is empowering on a social and economic level. It increases social mobility and economic prospects for participants, and can foster a sense of hope. There is often a change in self-perception of participants from refugee to university student. 

Resettlement through education provides participants with clear post-graduation options, such as post-graduate studies or employment. Statistics show that refugees not only benefit from safety in Canada, but they also embrace the opportunity to build a new life. Over time, they make important contributions to the country’s economy, and to their communities (UNHCR Economic Integration).

Take Action!

Your Peace by Piece chocolate bar can be sold as a fundraiser or given as a prize at any of your events!

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