Our Campaigns

WUSC’s public engagement work falls into three categories, or “campaigns”. 

Building Welcoming Communities

Newcomers to Canada, whether they come from a refugee background or not, face many barriers to their integration. 

This campaign aims to reduce these barriers faced by newcomers when arriving to Canada, by deconstructing negative narratives and misunderstandings about refugees and newcomers to Canada with the objective of building more welcoming and inclusive communities for all newcomers.

Read Chapter 12 (page 102) of the SRP Guide to learn more about the barriers that newcomers to Canada face and how you can effectively engage the public on refugee issues.

Click here to download a pamphlet you can use to raise awareness on the importance of building welcoming communities! 


Through the Her Future campaign, WUSC is contributing to girls’ empowerment to pursue educational pathways in crisis-affected areas. Canadians and people living in Canada can take small, everyday actions to have a tangible impact on the lives of girls in fragile, conflict and crisis situations globally.

By raising awareness of the challenges girls in crisis situations face in accessing education in addition to fundraising for the #HerFuture campaign, and you will be helping to increase literacy rates, improve health outcomes, and empower girls to be agents of change in their lives.


Small, every day actions can add up to big change.

Through the InterConnexions campaign, WUSC is celebrating Canadians and people living in Canada who are taking everyday actions, big and small, to create change around the world. Individual contributions such as volunteering with local partners overseas or online, supporting the resettlement of refugees in Canada, or joining this campaign can have a big impact globally.