Reporting Public Engagement Results 

When holding Public Engagement (PE) events or activities to raise awareness about one of WUSC’s campaigns or to raise funds for your Local Committee or WUSC, it is important to report your results to WUSC

How to report Public Engagement results

Please follow these steps to report your Local Committee's Public Engagement results:

Step 1: Inform WUSC campus staff what event or activity you plan to host.

Step 2: Hold your event or activity and ensure to keep record of: 

Step 3: After the event, log on to your MyCommittee account and complete the Public Engagement Reporting module.

Local Committee Evaluation Working Group

WUSC is working to increase the capacity of the Local Committee network to report on the results of Public Engagement events and activities. We are working with a small group of Local Committees in 2021-2022 to develop and gather input from them on the new process for Local Committee Public Engagement reporting.  Below are training and resources for the Local Committee Evaluation Working Group. 

Engaging Audiences in Canada in Global Development

Training video (part 1)

Engaging Audiences in Canada in Global Development

Training video (part 2)

Local Committee Public Engagement

Asynchronous presentation

Local Committee Public Engagement.pptx