In-Person Event Guidelines: COVID-19

All participants and organizers are expected to respect local, regional, national, and your postsecondary campus’ guidelines on safe in-person gatherings. Please consult your local public health authority for information about local COVID-19 transmission and any restrictions that might be active in your area.

Should the situation change, consider adapting your event concept into a virtual event. Feel free to contact the Campus team for additional support in this situation.

It is general good practice to make sure that the venue has:

  • Hand sanitizer available at the door for guests to use upon entry and exit

  • Single use face masks available for unmasked participants

  • Proper signage to communicate the public health measures to follow during the gathering

  • A good ventilation system whenever possible

  • Enough space that guests can keep 6 feet (2 metres) apart

  • Somewhere for guests to wash their hands with soap and water

When you invite guests to an event, make a note of their names and their contact information should contact tracing be necessary. To keep yourself and guests safe, before the event starts, ask them if they can do a self-assessment test.