Apply for WUSC Funding!

Is your Local Committee interested in raising awareness on local actions for a global impact on building welcoming communities for newcomers, girls' access to education for refugee girls or young women’s economic empowerment? Could you use some financial support to achieve this goal? Apply for one of the funds we have available via MyCommittee!


Value: $250

Purpose: This fund is available each year between September and February. The fund can be used according to Local Committee needs, including: production of materials, purchases related to a public engagement event, production of resources for your committee (e.g. a promotional video), team building activities for your committee members, etc. 

The Catalyst Fund cannot be used for: personal expenses, the purchase of alcohol (even if it is for a public engagement event), or your budget for the SRP (purchase of additional materials for an SRP student, or any other costs associated with the sponsorship).


Value: $25 to $1,000, depending on your needs

Purpose: This fund allows you to fund public engagement activities organized by your Local Committee. To be eligible for this funding, your Local Committee's activity or event must fall under one of WUSC's three campaigns. You will need to provide details of the event as well as a detailed budget for your application to be considered. A WUSC staff person will then follow up with you for further details or clarification. 

Should you require additional funding, contact the Campus Team to discuss your needs at: