WUSC T-Shirts

WUSC t-shirts alongside other WUSC swag are sent to Local Committees at the beginning of each school year so you can engage your campus and your community! It is up to your Local Committee to choose how this swag will be used, whether to be more visible on campus during your events, to distribute to your Local Committee members, or to give to people who attend your events!

Would you like to order more t-shirts for an event for your Local Committee Members?

T-Shirt Model

Good news! You can now get more WUSC t-shirts. To do so, simply apply for the catalyst fund and add the following information in the application details:

T-Shirt Details

Price: $14.50 + shipping fee from Toronto + tax

Shipping time: 2 weeks

Sizes: small to extra-large 

Follow these Steps:

Send an email to Darryl (info@greencampuscoops.com) and copy (cc) Fitia Ranaivo-Harisoa (franaivo@wusc.ca) to order t-shirts by specifying:

The cost of the t-shirts will be deducted from the total of the catalyst fund ($250) and the rest of the money will be deposited in your Local Committee account. You can order a maximum of 14 t-shirts each year. If you have any questions, please contact Fitia at franaivo@wusc.ca.