Tripartite Agreement for the 

Student Refugee Program

The following is the Tripartite Agreement between WUSC, the WUSC Local Committee sponsoring group, and the SRP student. It outlines each party’s roles and responsibilities during the 12 month sponsorship. 

You can view and download a PDF of the Tripartite Agreement at the bottom of this page.

Purpose of the SRP

To provide opportunities for refugee youth to access resettlement and pursue higher education in Canada. The SRP’s youth-to-youth sponsorship model aims to provide a positive integration process for SRP students, and engage students at Canadian institutions on global issues, helping to create welcoming communities for newcomers.

Purpose of this Agreement

For the parties involved in the SRP to: have a common understanding of and agree to their respective roles and responsibilities; inform and support the integration process for the SRP student; and for each stakeholder to have a positive and enriching experience grounded in clear expectations.

WUSC is a multicultural organization of people with diverse backgrounds, ethnic origins, migration statuses, political beliefs, religious faiths, genders, ages, sexual orientations and identities and physical abilities. All stakeholders are expected to respect others and strive to overcome any personal biases or blindspots in their treatment of others. 

The Stakeholders

Roles and Responsibilities

The SRP student

SRP students enjoy the rights and responsibilities of Canadian Permanent Residents. Canadian laws and rights must be upheld and supersede this document. 

Upon arrival in Canada until the end of the official sponsorship (12 months), the SRP student agrees to:




Health and wellbeing:


 Communication with WUSC:

WUSC Local Committee sponsoring group

As stated above, the “sponsoring group” refers to anyone providing integration support to SRP students, such as students, staff, faculty, higher administrators, and student union representatives.

Upon the SRP student’s arrival in Canada until the end of the official sponsorship (12 months), the sponsoring group agrees to:




 Health and wellbeing: 


Communication with WUSC:

By signing this document the WUSC Local Committee sponsoring group agrees to:

WUSC National Office

WUSC is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), an incorporated organization that has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows WUSC to sponsor a certain number of refugees each year for resettlement to Canada through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program.  SAHs may partner with groups or individuals to sponsor refugees under their agreements. These groups are referred to as Constituent Groups (CGs), or Local Committee sponsoring groups in the SRP model. The role of WUSC as a SAH is to monitor the activities of its CGs to ensure that they fulfill their sponsorship responsibilities. A SAH assumes overall responsibility for the management of sponsorships under its agreement, ensuring the necessary financial resources, expertise and commitment needed to support refugees. The Government of Canada monitors the activities of SAHs and their Constituent Groups, who are accountable to IRCC.

As the organization that holds the Sponsorship Agreements with the Governments of Canada and Quebec, WUSC National Office agrees to:

Coordinate SRP and immigration processes

Sponsorship Oversight


Code of Ethics for Refugee Sponsorship

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to guide WUSC Local Committee sponsoring group members in how to engage and support SRP students and ground their approach to making decisions related to the SRP on their campus. 


WUSC Local Committee sponsoring group’s principles

Download a copy of the Tripartite Agreement

Tripartite Agreement for the SRP (2021 forward).pdf