Local Committee Management

Building Leadership & Training Future Leaders

In order to lead a strong Local Committee, it is important to practice your leadership skills. Explore various leadership styles and how to be effective and motivating leaders.

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Below are some resources that we found insightful, and are a good way to start exploring ideas about leadership. We encourage you to consult them as a starting point, but also to do your own research - there is so much out there on this subject!

QUIZ: What is Your Leadership Style? (1- 2 mins)

VIDEO: Brené Brown: Four Skill Sets for Leaders (5 mins)

VIDEO: What is Good Leadership? Introverts Break it Down (5 mins)

VIDEO: What Makes A Great Leader? | YouthSpeak (2 mins)

ARTICLE: 8 Ways to Lead, Retain and Engage Volunteers (4 min read)

Building your best Local Committee: Problem Solving

Working together as a Local Committee, you are bound to encounter issues and need to collaborate to find solutions. Explore best practices for resolving conflicts and working together as a team through interactive scenarios.

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Building Your Best Local Committee: The Local Committee Cycle

Local Committees are dynamic and always changing - new members join, members graduate, and some excellent work and collaboration gets done along the way. Learn about how to prepare for all these moments in the life of your Local Committee.

Take a moment to reflect on your Local Committee's management and structure:

  • How do you recruit members, keep them motivated, and ensure a sustainable Local Committee? What does your Local Committee do well in these areas?

  • What is something you want your Local Committee to improve on (i.e. something related to recruitment, momentum, and sustainability)?

Review WUSC's Code of Conduct

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This Jamboard was developed with Local Committee members during a live training session in summer 2021. It's a great way to visualize the Local Committee Cycle!

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