Local Committee of the Year Award


Last year, the WUSC uOttawa Local Committee went above and beyond to strengthen their Committee, their structure and their support to SRP students. During the academic year of 2020-2021, this winning committee mobilized 50 student volunteers and sponsored 19 SRP students! The WUSC uOttawa Local Committee has now proudly welcomed and supported the integration of 76 students to Canada's capital since the Committee’s inception in 1982, and they continue to strive to sponsor more!

This Local Committee offers volunteer placements and class learning opportunities, where students can become involved with WUSC as part of course curriculums, which has in turn solidified the Local Committee’s collaboration with the university. The uOttawa Local Committee offers its volunteers the opportunity to practice leadership skills and gain experience working with newcomers to Canada, especially in the context of refugee resettlement. They have implemented a mentorship program that matches SRP students with mentors that are knowledgeable in a subject area (like academics, health, or finances), allowing SRP students to build trust with their Local Committee and learn life skills that are key to their integration process. The Local Committee has also strived to make all their platforms bilingual to ensure that uOttawa's longstanding bilingual history is honored and that they can include the entire uOttawa community in WUSC initiatives.

In a short time, the student-led uOttawa Local Committee has grown to be one of the largest Local Committees in Canada and welcomes some of the largest cohorts of SRP students. Their passion for the program and eagerness to continue to deepen the quality of their sponsorships while growing the number of students they sponsor is inspiring.

Congratulations on your exceptional achievements!


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