Campus Awards

2021-2022 WINNERS

Outstanding Contribution to the SRP 

Queen's University WUSC Local Committee

Queen’s University has demonstrated a long-standing support for people displaced by conflict, persecution, and political instability.  Over the last 34 years, Queen’s has welcomed and supported 36 forcibly displaced students through their partnership with the World University Services of Canada (WUSC).  

In September 2021, in addition to the SRP regular stream candidates, Queen’s responded to the Afghan crisis with a commitment to welcome five students from Afghanistan.  As part of the resettlement pledge to these five students Queen’s has been providing comprehensive English language education in 2022-23 with anticipation the students will be fully engaged in their academic programs of study in 2023-24.  Queen’s declaration to the students is to fund all of their tuition and fee expenses and to provide a robust financial package for living expenses. 

In addition to the monetary provision, there is a strong acknowledgement among the members of the Queen’s-WUSC Local Committee of the wide-ranging support the sponsored students require as they adjust and integrate to university life, the local Kingston community and thriving in their adopted country of Canada. The student leaders have reconstituted the local group to foster an engaged core of peers to ensure that each of the sponsored students (regular stream and Afghan cohort) are partnered with peer mentors to help the sponsored students adjust to the academic environment and manage the countless new experiences and challenges they encounter.  

As the Queen’s team supporting the sponsored students, they have the honour of witnessing their perseverance through uncertainty and challenges; to appreciate their curiosity and adaptability, to marvel at their determination to succeed and to meet the expectations they have for themselves; and to observe their growth in confidence as they proceed through their degrees and begin journeys in their desired careers.

Event of the Year 

University of Toronto Student's Union / New College WUSC Local Committee 

Although they have hosted various events over the academic year 2021-2022 World Refugee Day 2022 was UTSU-New College’s event of the year. 

During this event, hosted on June 20, 2022, the UTSU-New College WUSC Local Committee hosted an in-person event to celebrate World Refugee Day, and for their participants to hear from the SRP students’ personal stories. They engaged the UTSU staff members and the SRP community.  They got creative through artistic expression where together, they painted and created artworks that showcase a message of peace. 

Ergo, all the painted canvases were gifted to the Student Commons where they are now on the wall of the second floor of the University of Toronto (U of T) , where visitors who visit the building can see and learn about the SRP. 

Attendees engaged in a conversation throughout the event with an amazing shared meal catered by a refugee-owned restaurant Aleppo Kebab located in Scarborough, Ontario. 

Ultimately, the University of Toronto Student Union’s current president Omar opened the event, and the former SRP students Nyandeng and Skylar shared their stories. The SRP students from and outside U of T and the UTSU staff attended and made this such a special and successful event.

Local Committee on the Rise

Centennial College WUSC Local Committee 

Equity, Diversity and Social Justice are not just ideologies or buzz words at Centennial College, it is their mission to prepare students for career success. 

Their programs - both in and out of the classroom - are intentionally designed to meet the unique needs of diverse students and the tools that are employed to build such programs are rooted in values of equity and social justice. As part of their Student, Community and Engagement Team, it is in their nature and their make up to welcome newcomers to the city of Toronto, to Canada. 

They work towards building skills, supporting students with their personal, professional and academic goals and fostering global connections. 

Their student population represents just over 102 countries and cultures. The values and goals of WUSC’s programs, specifically those of the SRP are well-aligned to their program outcomes. It just made sense for them to work together!

The Local Committee at Centennial College is a small but growing team. They officially formed their Local Committee virtually during the pandemic in the summer of 2021 with a goal to raise awareness and funds to support one student through the SRP program. Their team was involved in setting up a scholarship for the SRP program with an aim to develop a sustainable source of funding for student refugees. 

Although their mobility programs paused during COVID due to travel restrictions, Centennial was and remains committed to supporting students impacted by war and geo-political unrest through Canada’s refugee program. 

They were honored to be selected as one of the institutions to host a new initiative by WUSC and the International Olympic Committee and welcomed an Olympic athlete, Nigara Shaheen from the International Refugee Team as a student

This past year has been a valuable learning experience for their team and they are currently working on preparing to host a student through the regular stream

An event that the Centennial College WUSC Local Committee hosted to learn and talk about the refugee crisis that's impacting people around the world.

Outstanding Commitment to Public Engagement 

McGill University WUSC Local Committee 

The McGill Local Committee engages with the university community on an ongoing basis through their active presence on Campus through many activities, their social media, and their monthly newsletter for general members. In addition to their growing social media presence on Instagram and Facebook with over 1000 followers, their Listserv has been continuous. With more than 500 members registered, it has been an instrumental tool in sharing invitations to their events and a means of education by highlighting issues such as sponsorship and higher education opportunities for refugees. 

As in-person events slowly became more accessible, they did their public outreach activities, including various fundraisers on campus to share knowledge on migration issues. Their growing efforts to include more campus-based contributions were reflected in engagements such as the collaborative Panel on Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation with McGill SDG Student Hub and McGill Students for Amnesty International. 

Members of their executive team also had the opportunity to organize a workshop for a group of students focused on the barriers met by refugee students to access higher education. Further discussions were held with students by presenting internship opportunities and the role they have as advocates. Their public engagements addressed not only advocacy on campus but their larger community as well. The successful publication of the second volume of the McGill Journal of Refugee and Migration Studies in April of 2022 achieved this. Such a platform has allowed them to spread awareness about refugee issues and rights in collaboration with undergraduates and graduate students. In addition, members of their Local Committee were invited to speak on a BBC podcast in October of 2022, where they discussed WUSC’s role in supporting student refugees!

As their Local Committee continues to grow, they strive to be a leading voice for refugee rights in their community, ensuring inclusivity, equality, and sustainability!

Outstanding Contribution to the SRP

(Est. 2016)

Event of the Year

Local Committee on the Rise 

(Est. 2016)

Outstanding Commitment to Public Engagement

(Est. 2020)

Outstanding Support to the Girls' Education (Shine a Light) Campaign (Award retired in 2020)

Outstanding Support to the One World Campaign

(Award retired in 2020)