Our resources are regularly updated. Check back often for new tips, guides, and templates! Please contact us if you are looking for a resource that is not listed here.

Local Committee Essentials

Code of Conduct

All Local Committee members have to review and adhere to this Code of Conduct.

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Inclusivity Guidelines

Share and refer to these guidelines for all meetings and events to ensure you are helping create a positive space for all.

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Recruitment Pamphlet

These downloadable social media graphics provide a list of reasons to join a Local Committee. Use the final blank page to personalize with your Local Committee's information: meeting times, social media handles, contact information, and more!

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Campus Calendar

This annual calendar includes important SRP dates and deadlines, relevant international days, and information about WUSC campaigns and events. Use it during your meetings to help your Local Committee plan your activities throughout the year.

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Checklist for a Successful Transition

This checklist provides actions you can take to ensure the sustainability of your Local Committee from year to year.

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Student Refugee Program

SRP Guide for Local Committees

This comprehensive resource provides more information and covers all the steps required for implementing the Student Refugee Program (SRP) on your campus.

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Tripartite Agreement for the SRP

This document constitutes an agreement between WUSC, the Local Committee, and the SRP student, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each. Review it often throughout the year.

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SRP Students' Wellness Infosheet

Consult this document for information on how to provide quality health & wellbeing support to SRP students.

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SRP Post-Arrival Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your Local Committee is covering the important aspects of the SRP student’s initial settlement needs. This is a list that should guide the focus of information that is covered in the first two weeks after the student arrives in Canada.

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Guide to Planning a Successful Referendum

If you are planning a referendum to establish, maintain, or increase your student levy for the SRP, this guide provides all the information you need.

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SRP 101 Presentation

This slide deck provides a good overview of the global displacement crisis, the SRP, and the role of WUSC Local Committees. Share it with Local Committee members to introduce them to your committee’s work.

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Raising Awareness & Funds

WUSC Local Committee Logos

Always use the official WUSC Local Committee logo when designing swag and materials, such as pamphlets and posters.

WUSC Brand Guide

Consistent application of the WUSC brand helps improve awareness on your campus of your Local Committee and the SRP. This guide includes important information to follow when writing about and developing visual content for your Local Committee and WUSC’s work.

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WUSC General Poster

This is the official poster to identify WUSC. Use it at your information booth or in your Local Committee office.

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WUSC Button Template

This template includes the design for the I 💙 WUSC, Education Changes the World, and I Support the SRP buttons.

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Raising Awareness Responsibly

This tip sheet includes important considerations for planning respectful, responsible, and inclusive events and activities.

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Setting up Raisin

This short guide is designed to help your Local Committee to be clear in setting your event objectives and in developing a work plan.

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Event Planning Guide

This short guide explains all the necessary steps for your Local Committee to plan an impactful event.

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Girls' Education Letter Exhibit

In this visual collection of letters, former SRP students share their words of encouragement for refugee girls. Providing a glimpse into the impact of the SRP on their lives, and a glimpse into the realities facing refugee girls in their pursuit of education today, these letters can be presented digitally on a screen or printed to share at your events.

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Fundraising FAQ

This resource answers common questions related to fundraising, including what is and is not a donation, and what qualifies for a charitable tax receipt.

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