Welcome to the WUSC Leaders Training Series information page!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the training series over the summer. All sessions are listed below with session descriptions, independent learning material, and times for live workshops.

All WUSC Local Committee members are welcome to attend. We ask that at least one of your Local Committee members participates in each session.

Questions? Contact us at campus@wusc.ca

All you need to know

What is the WUSC Leaders Training Series and when will it happen?

The WUSC Leaders Training Series is a six session series of interactive online trainings that will be held in two parts: three sessions in June and three in August. It is a chance to build your skills to prepare you for your work with WUSC and provide an opportunity to network with Local Committee members from across the country! We have interactive live sessions, case studies, workshops, surprise guests and more on the line up for this Leadership Series Edition!

Where do I register?

Click here to visit our registration page!

What will I learn?

The series will cover a broad variety of topics related to refugee sponsorship, Local Committee management and public engagement. The three sessions delivered in June will focus on basic knowledge about WUSC, building your personal leadership skills, and the global context of forced migration and the Student Refugee Program. The three sessions delivered in August will offer a more in-depth approach to the 5 pillars of the SRP (academic, financial, social, health & wellbeing, and self-reliance), Local Committee sustainability and recruitment, as well as conflict resolution and problem solving.

Who is this training for?

This training is intended for all Local Committee members (staff, faculty, students alike!). Anyone working on the Student Refugee Program or raising awareness on WUSC’s behalf should attend this training, no matter how much experience they may have with WUSC. There is no limit of members from one Local Committee that can attend, and we ask having your Local Committee represented at every training (by the same member or different ones).

What’s new this year?

We’re piloting a new model this year to better accommodate all the time zones we work in and different learning styles in response to your feedback in the End of Year survey. We will have asynchronous and self-guided training available, in addition to live workshops with WUSC staff to better foster discussions and reflections with fellow Local Committee members.

Why should I attend?

Local Committee members are required to attend WUSC trainings to ensure that you are providing the best quality sponsorship to SRP students as possible, and have the skills to raise awareness responsibly among your campus and community. You will also learn best practices from other Local Committee members! With so many things to remember and take into consideration when it comes to sponsorship, we think even the more experienced members can benefit from refreshers and training :)

How will it work?

Each topic will include training material like videos and slideshows that will be shared with you in advance of the live session for you to review on your own time. Some live workshop sessions will accompany that material as well. We are using a Google Site to organize the sessions. From there, you will be able to register for sessions and access the slides and resources.

Live sessions will be held on Zoom, where we will use all its interactive features, like breakout rooms, to ensure as much interaction as the virtual world allows us to!

My question isn't answered above. Who can I contact?

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or simply want to confirm something with us, please contact campus@wusc.ca.

June 2021

Introduction to WUSC and Network Meet & Greet (June 4 - 9)

Are you familiar with WUSC's vision and mission? This week, we are kicking it off with an introduction to WUSC! In this session, you will learn about WUSC's work in Canada and internationally. You will also learn about WUSC's three public engagement campaigns.

Prep Material: Review our Introduction to WUSC slideshow ➡️

Live Session: Wednesday, June 9 @ 7:00 PM (Eastern Time). Once you have reviewed the Introduction to WUSC slideshow, join us for a relaxed "meet and greet" with your fellow Local Committee members and some WUSC staff, and to test your WUSC knowledge!

Click here to join the live session at the indicated date and time.

Prep Material

WUSC 101 - English_Spring 2021

You can also click here to download the slides (and learn more in the speaker's notes!)

Building Leadership & Training Future Leaders (June 11 - 16)

In order to lead a strong Local Committee, it is important to practice your leadership skills. This week, we will explore various leadership styles and how to be effective and motivating leaders.

Prep Material: Learn about leadership styles by engaging with the content we've linked here ➡️

Live Session: Tuesday June 15 @ 7:00 PM (Eastern Time). Once you have reviewed the prep material, join us for further reflection activities and discussion in a 1 hour workshop.

Click here to join the live session at the indicated date and time.

Prep Material

Below are some resources that we found insightful, and are a good way to start exploring ideas about leadership. We encourage you to consult them as a starting point, but also to do your own research - there is so much out there on this subject!

Responding to Refugees’ Resettlement and Education Needs: WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (June 23 - 29)

*Don't miss our special guest speakers in this week's session!*

This week, you will learn about the global context of refugee resettlement and education and how the Student Refugee Program fits into global efforts towards durable solutions for refugees.

Prep Material: Review the content we've linked here. ➡️ Don't forget to submit a question in advance for our guest speakers!

Live Session: Tuesday, June 29 @ 12:00 PM (Eastern Time). Join us for a discussion with:

  • Michelle Manks, Senior Manager for Durable Solutions at WUSC

  • Arash Bordbar, Associate Education Officer at the UNHCR

  • Sadiki Bamperineza, student leader of the Tertiary Refugee Student Network (TRSN) and Refugee College Guidance Counselor for Kepler organization.

Michelle, Arash and Sadiki will provide an overview of forced migration globally, highlight global trends and targets, and give examples of actions that are taking place worldwide. The aim is to situate our Student Refugee Program within broader, global efforts to both expand durable solutions and reach the #15by30 targets.

Click here to join the live session at the indicated date and time.

August 2021

WUSC's 5 Pillars of SRP Support (August 9 - 13)

Providing quality integration support to SRP students involves supporting them along 5 "pillars" or categories: academic, social, financial, health & wellbeing, and self-reliance. This week, you will learn more about what support is included in these pillars and how they fit into the broader vision of WUSC's SRP, and discuss with other Local Committees how best to provide support among the 5 pillars and navigate any issues that may arise.

*This live session will feature reflections and insight from SRP alumni!*

Prep Material: Review the content we've linked here ➡️

Live Session: Wednesday, August 11 @ 7:00 PM (Eastern Time). This will be a 2 hour workshop on scenarios you may face during a sponsorship and how to navigate them, with advice from SRP alumni.

Click here to join the live session at the indicated date and time.

Prep Material

Start with reviewing the below slides on the 5 Pillars on SRP Sponsorship. It will be essential to have this basic understanding for the live session.

5 Pillars of SRP sponsorship slides - GoogleSite

Building Your Best Local Committee: The Local Committee Cycle (August 16 - 20)

Local Committees are dynamic and always changing - new members join, members graduate, and some excellent work and collaboration gets done along the way. This week, you'll learn about how to prepare for all these moments in the life of your Local Committee.

Prep Material: Review the content we've linked here ➡️

Live Session: Wednesday, August 18 @ 7:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Click here to join the live session at the indicated date and time.

Prep Material

To prepare for this session, we invite you to take a moment to reflect on your Local Committee's management and structure:

  • How do you recruit members, keep them motivated, and ensure a sustainable Local Committee? What does your Local Committee do well in these areas?

  • What is something you want your Local Committee to improve on (i.e. something related to recruitment, momentum, and sustainability)?

Review WUSC's Code of Conduct

Building your best Local Committee: Problem Solving (August 23 - 27)

Working together as a Local Committee, you are bound to encounter issues and need to collaborate to find solutions. This week we will explore best practices for resolving conflicts and working together as a team through interactive scenarios.

Prep Material: Coming soon!

Live Session: Wednesday, August 25 @ 7:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Click here to join the live session at the indicated date and time.

Prep Material

This week, we will explore best practices for resolving conflicts and working together as a team through interactive scenarios.

We ask that you please help us gather potential scenarios to discuss during the session by letting us know about a problem you have encountered. Think about problems that your Local Committee might face during the year and we will try to find solutions together.

Questions? Contact us at campus@wusc.ca.